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November 10, 2020

          Please enjoy the following 3 Resistance Bands workout plans. The first plan, titled "Resistance Bands Exercises," simply includes a detailed list of various exercises you can do with resistance bands, organized by the muscle group that each exercise works. This file also includes the link to the pair of cheap and effective resistance bands that I have been using since August.

          The other two plans are "Lose Weight-Resistance Bands," and "5-Day Split Gain Muscle Resistance Bands." These plans are exactly as they sound and you should pick which one you want to follow based on your goals; losing fat and gaining lean muscle or only putting on weight and muscle. The lose weight plan would be best to do while cutting and the gain weight plan would be best to do while bulking. More info on cutting and bulking can be found in the meals section of this blog.

          The two workout plans are full workout plans that plan for all 7-days of the week, including rest days. They also both have Youtube videos linked in them that explain how to do each exercise just in case you are unsure how it should be done correctly.

          Feel free to follow any of these plans directly or simply use them as templates to build your own plans from! Resistance bands are great as they can be used anywhere, especially in a college dorm room and I have been working out with them for this entire semester as my campus gym is still closed. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about these plans or resistance bands in general!

Happy Lifting,

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