This section of the blog is all about your outlook on the world and ways to make yourself more organized and focused on your goals! There will be tips on planning, scheduling, and organizing, suggestions on how to measure your success, and more! New “Mindset” blogs will be released monthly on Thursday nights. If you have any questions about mindset, or suggestions on what you want me to talk about please feel free to contact me using the form below.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

6 minute Read

With social media and universal stalking apps like Snapchat Maps and Find My Friends, it’s so easy to see what people are doing all the time. This can lead to negative, self-deprecating thoughts. Thoughts like “damn, why do they look so good in that pic, why can’t I look like that,” or “wow, they look so happy together, why am I so lonely and destined to never find love." We've all had these thoughts from time to time, but if you want to learn some actionable steps to take to prevent these thoughts from happening or from simply having so much power over your life click "Read Now!"

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Warning: This is Just a Test

4 minute read

Technically, I am supposed to be writing a meditation blog post this week, but I learned an interesting lesson this week about failing and my mindset towards failing so I thought I would share. I know I’ve written about failure in the past and how to deal with it and I even mentioned some stories from times in my life when I, personally failed, but this past week, I failed, and I failed badly. There’s not going to be any researched tips or tricks in this blog post, but if you're interested in hearing my thoughts and opinions based on my own personal experiences, then click "Read Now!"

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The Psychology of Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

32 minute video

Season 1, Mindset of Squawking with Seagull: The Psychology of Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

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“No,” Say it.

5 minute read

But what if by saying “no,” we miss out on an amazing opportunity that would have gotten us our dream job, or what if by saying “no” we lose a friend, or what if by saying “no,” someone else gets upset? These are all practical fears, I hear you, I’ve felt them too. But, in this blog post, I am going to suggest some scientifically proven ways to overcome these fears and say “no” when you need to, or even when you just want to.

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Learn how to Fail, or else…Fail

6 minute read

You will never succeed if you are afraid of failure. You will be trapped in a mindless job, in a loveless relationship, with no goals and aspirations for the sole reason that you want to feel safe. So, do what you love, ask that person out, start that new hobby, apply for that exciting job. Because if you do not learn how to fail, you will only fail.

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Making the Syllabus Work for You

5 minute read

Here you are, just finishing up your first week of school with a stack of syllabi and most likely work schedules, practice times, club meetings and other extracurricular activities that you have to attend. How do you keep track of all this information and all these schedules?? Through the power of organization and planning of course! I am going to tell you the story of how I personally keep track of all the information in the syllabi.

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My Personal Story of Motivation

7 minute read

I’m coming at you LIVE with your daily dose of intense motivation where it seems like I’m all up in your face and yelling at you even though you're sitting in your room alone looking at a computer screen!!!!!!! (I think it’s the exclamation points that allows for that effect!) When I started lifting weights, I was a 120-pound scrawny ass kid. I didn’t really know what I was doing but I signed up for my High School’s Weight Training class...

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Ways to Measure Success at the Gym

5 minute read

Why do you work out? Because you have a goal of gaining muscle or losing fat, or simply being healthy. Either way, it’s helpful to measure our success along our journey so that we can be sure we are on target to meet our goals. Otherwise we’ll never know if all the pain and suffering is worthwhile or not. So how do you measure success at the gym? Well in this blog post I will cover my 3 favorites and how to do them!

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