This section of the blog is all things nutrition! There will be tips and tricks on how to trick your mind into accepting less food without getting hungry, advice on how to eat healthy on a budget, information on bulking and cutting, and of course ways to include alcohol in your fitness plans with minimal impact (if you’re over 21 of course). New “Meals” blogs will be released monthly on Thursday nights. If you have any questions about nutrition, or suggestions on what you want me to talk about please feel free to contact me using the form below.

Diet and Depression

8 minute read

We all know how important diet is to our physical health. If we want to build more muscle, we have to eat a certain way. If we want to lose weight, we have to eat a certain way. If we want to sleep better at night or have more energy during the day, we have to eat a certain way. So, if diet plays such a large role on our physical health, why would our mental health be any different? In this blog post, I look at the science to see what nutrients and food groups have been shown to have positive or negative effects on depression symptoms. Click "Read Now!" to find out more!

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Meal Prepping--Planning, Cooking, and of course Eating!

7 minute read

Okay, so this is where we are: you realized how important nutrition is to changing your weight or simply just being healthy, you figured out how many calories you want to eat and the macro splits that work best for you, and lastly, you have access to a kitchen of some sorts. In my eyes, there are three main steps to meal prepping: planning, cooking, and of course eating! I would say the planning part is the most difficult but if you do that correctly it makes all the other parts so easy.

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Supplement Debate

37 minute video

Season 1, Meals of Squawking with Seagull: Supplement Debate

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Cutting-Tips, Tricks, and a Sample Guide

6 minute read

I went from 176 pounds and 20.2% body fat in May to 160 pounds and 15.6% body fat in August! I’m not just here to brag about my accomplishments though, I now want to provide you with some tips and tricks about cutting so that you can meet your goals as well! Fair warning though, being in a calorie deficit is no fun and it is certainly hard work, so be prepared!!

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3 Scientifically Proven Tips to Eat Less Without Going on a Diet

4 minute read

So, you want to lose weight. Great! I would obviously first recommend that you go on a diet and a calorie deficit. Oh shit, I just scared you off because I said the word “diet.” Or maybe you like the idea of going on a diet but that’s just too hard to do because you’re on a campus meal plan and don’t wanna go through the effort of counting your calories and macronutrients. Well, either way, my next suggestion would be to use these following tips to help trick your brain into being satisfied with less.

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The IIFYM Diet- One of the Easiest Diets to do While on a Campus Meal Plan

6 minute read

The key to changing your weight is diet. There’s just one small problem though; you're stuck on campus with no car and forced to eat whatever they’re serving in the dining halls. Well that sucks, trust me I’ve been there and it’s no fun. Luckily, I learned about this super flexible diet called the “If It Fits Your Macros” diet or IIFYM for short.

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The Best Library Snacks

3 minute read

We all know the feeling of getting up in the morning, packing your backpack and mentally preparing yourself to spend the next 8 hours (or more) in the library. You make sure you pack your chargers, headphones, coffee, and water. But wait a minute, your body needs food! How annoying of it! Luckily, in this blog I am going to give you some suggestions for Library Snacks that are filling, healthy, and not too expensive!

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What the Heck is Bulking and How Can it be Clean or Dirty?

6 minute read

If your goal is to gain weight and more specifically to gain muscle mass, then bulking and being in a calorie surplus is definitely for you! Good job, you made one decision today! Now you just have to make one more decision; do you want to clean bulk or dirty bulk? Do not fret because this blog post will help you make that decision!

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